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Terms and Conditions

General conditions for the use of Global24’s SA Internet portals

§ 1 Object of the contract

Global24 SA (hereinafter referred to as „Global24”) operates,,,,,,,, Internet portals (hereinafter referred to as „Caribe24 portals”).

On the Caribe24 portal, visitors can search various information, such as: lists of specialised books, real estate ads or comments on various web directories, as well as other services, namely: information regarding tourist attractions.

Events, jobs, apprenticeships or city maps, all of these can be taken into account (hereinafter referred to as „Information”). The information provided is information from third parties, especially from Global24 clients (hereinafter referred to as „Advertisers”).

The use of the Internet portals is done acording to the General Conditions for Use (hereinafter referred to as „GCU”).

For the services provided by Global24 to advertisers, especially in what concerns information to be introduced, Global24’s commercial general conditions will be applied and not „GCU”.

§ 2 Conclusion of a contract on the period of use

With the use of Global24 Internet portals, the user agrees with the compulsory application of the terms of use, so that a use agreement is signed during the period of use of the portals, between the visitor and Global24.

There are no other conditions, unless agreed in writing by Global24 to includ them.

§ 3 Use

Using Global24’s Internet portals is free of charge.

Global24 offers the visitor a simple and unlimited right of use, in time and space, to use the information provided. This right of use is limited to the search of information for personal use. Any other use is prohibited. This is especially available for industrial or commercial use of data, as well as to create indexes, copy, and process or transfer information to third parties.

Visitors can use Internet portals only in accordance with the legal conditions, in particular in accordance with the applicable regulations regarding data protection.

The visitor is informed that all rights to the Internet portals as well as of the information there, especially intellectual property rights and patent rights, for example, for data bases and mailing lists of Internet portals, belong to advertisers and license issuers.

In using the Internet portal, the user must take into account, besides the “GCU”, the license conditions of third parties.

The user has no right to eliminate the existing copyrights, trademarks or other reserves from the Internet portal.

§ 4 Warranty

Global24 reserves the right to change its field of application, to extend it or to abolish free access to its portal. The visitor is informed that the information provided is provided by third parties. Global24 is not responsible for the content of the information.

Global24 assumes no guarantee for the actuality, fairness and completeness of the information or the availability of the Internet portals. Any services guarantee from Global24 is excluded.

§ 5 Exemption

The visitor relieves Global24 from any third party claims which may result from unauthorised use by him.