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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

We take the protection of your data seriously and thus we wish for you to know when we collect data and when we save it and how we manage it. We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that the standards regarding data protection are met by us as well as by the external services providers. We will apply normal standards here.
Access to Internet services
Each access to our portal and any use lead to the fact that anonymous technical data, date and access time, as well as each visited Internet page are saved on the IP address that was used. Storing these data is essential for organizational, technical and security reasons. These data no not make any assumptions regarding the natural person.
Collect data under pseudonym
We occasionally collect demographic information (such as age or sex) through online market research, regarding the use of different services on our portal. Still, they are separately stored from the personal information under pseudonym and do not allow to draw any conclusions regarding the person in cause. By collecting this data, we wish to give you, as a user of our services, an online portal adapted to the information and services that are relevant for you. Secondly, we want to help advertisers to reach their target groups directly. Offering us a bit of information about you, we can offer you in exchange a certain editorial and promotional content, thus increasing the personal value of utilization in our online offers. Through the strict separation of demographic and personal information, the protection of your information is guaranteed.
Register for the use of the services, respectively that of the products and store personal data 
If you wish to register personally on one of our pages, we ask you to introduce your name and other personal information. It is your decision if you wish to give this personal information and to benefit from the services or product you wish.
This personal information data are known in juridical terms as “personal data”. These “personal data” are information about the personal or material circumstances of the natural person and are subjected to special juridical protection. This includes name and surname, as well as any other relevant information about you.
By introducing these personal data, you agree that we can use this information for the purpose established in the contract. We assure you that we will keep and use your personal information only for the purpose stipulated in the contract. Moreover, authorized employees have access to our protected server that deal with technical, commercial or editorial processing, respectively with data management on the involved servers.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties
In case of an online order or registering, we will use personal information that you gave us, only inside the company in order to process the order or to register you or to transfer your data to one of our advertising clients whose services you have used.